Margaret Witzsche, painting


Notes for Hutch paintings: Shown at Seymour Art Gallery as Claiming the Dream

The hutch, represented by a division of the canvas, can be a safe place or a prison.  It is a nurturing dwelling place, a haven or something that confines.  The question is—do we stay through free will or are we trapped?  Fences, gates and barbed wire keep in or keep out.  They can be barriers to freedom or can be used as defense.  Hares, dogs, ravens and salmon are either prey animals or scavengers and hunters.  They have developed strategies for survival in order to overcome or transcend their weaknesses, their fragility in an often harsh environment.  These two strategies, holding back and breaking free seem to be always in tandem and one may need both in order to live fully. 

The paintings can also be seen as an expression of my encounter with breast cancer, the freeing of myself from fear and blockages to creativity. 

 Shown at Seymour Art Gallery inClaiming the Dream

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