Margaret Witzsche, Painting


In the Volcano/dream series the volcano is our essential or basic nature, that which we are born with, part of our primitive make-up that can be said to reside in the belly, and our creativity.  The series connects images of volcanoes with the dream world of the basement and coyote tails.  They state the dream, bringing volcano into juxtaposition with coal.  They represent ourselves as a whole, who we are, our spiritual nature, our body.   Other elements are those of the natural and super-natural world,  parts of the psyche, feeding and relating to the coal of our internal volcanoes. There is something wonderful and mysterious about coal; its shine, the fact that it was once living. It has a sense of contained life, of hidden possibilities. At one time it was thought that volcanoes were made of coal. Volcano/dream, relates to a dream I experienced while asleep during an earthquake when I was six or seven.  Our basement when I was a child, had a pile of coal for our wood and coal furnace and, unfortunately, coyote tails on a line.

Here is what I dream


volcanoes cover the world

                   coal  in basements

lines                          strung with clothes

             mine                 when awake                 

 not dreaming

 coyote tails          hung       

                              shorn         dry       quiet


     black rock burns

                 in the world’s belly                               

                           those who die enter


             I feed off their elements

their embers              


             the living wear thin coverings        

                            grasp slim shadows            

                                            their belonging         

                           their shame



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